DIY Confident Resumé

Confident Resumé System for Women

Do you cringe at the thought of sitting down to write about your skills and experience in your resumé?

Does it take you forever to come up with your relevant work accomplishments that will attract employers?

Well, you’re not alone...

Many women struggle with their resumés. Effective resumé writing involves stepping into the spotlight and shining a bright light on YOU, your work skills and success stories. The very thought of putting yourself on written display for employers to see makes you cringe, so you avoid it.

You dance around your skills and abilities with vague, passive language that does not give a true reflection of what you can do or what you’ve accomplished in your career. Trust me. This will never work for you. If you want the new career of your dreams, you must learn how to write confidently with bold active language and show employers all the amazing skills and experience I know you have.

You're about to learn how to transform your resumé into a system for landing a great new career!


So how do all the successful people land their great careers?

Well, I decided to find out! I researched and learned all I could about writing a winning resumé. I learned the tricks of how people get hired by great employers, taught myself how to write resumés that got me the job time and again. After some years of study and work experience in the field, I went on to become a successful career coach and expert in resumé writing. Over 20 years of knowledge and work experience, I created my own proven resumé writing system for landing a great new career which I share with my clients!

So what? Anyone can write a resume, right?

Wrong! For eight years of my career, I worked in staffing and recruitment for the public service and saw thousands of resumés every day. I rejected many because they were poorly written and did not respond to the needs of employers. My intuition was telling me we were probably losing some strong candidates in the mountain of applications. The #1 pattern I began to see in their resumés was how they expressed themselves so poorly. Their words were weak, boring and lacked any real substance or conviction. With such high numbers of applications received daily, I did not have the time or resources to find out about the person behind them. Sadly, their resumés didn’t give me much incentive to look further so they went into the reject pile.

On average, hiring managers take five seconds or less to decide if they want to read your entire resumé. That's not long, and it certainly doesn't give you much time to impress them. So it's crucial that your information stands out quickly and gives the manager what he or she is looking for, all within five seconds!

Wouldn't you like an easier way to get your resumé past the five-second glance and on to the new career you really want? The 'Confident Resumé System for Women’ can make this happen for you.

Here's How It Works

The course is a do it yourself style video training that comes with a workbook and slides you can follow along with. You can complete the workbook exercises in your own time so you can fit the training into your busy schedule whenever it works for you. At the end of this course, you will know how to create a resumé that pops with confidence, quickly gets you past the five-second screening, straight to the interview and on to the job you really want!

What's Included

Self-Paced Video Training with Lifetime Access

Topics we will cover:

  • What A Confident Resumé is and Why Most Women Don't Write Them
  • Top Signs You're Not a Confident Resumé Writer (And How Employers Can Spot Them Right Away)
  • The Three Core Elements of  a Confident Resumé
  • How to Turn Your Work Experience into Stories Employers Will Love to Read
  • The Confident Resumé System Breakdown with Examples and Detailed Explanation
  • The Confident Resumé in Action - Detailed Instruction on How to Write, Organize and Format Your Resumé for Maximum Confidence

Confident Resumés That Won the Job Workbook

  • 65+ page guide loaded with sample resumé templates and tip sheets to get you started immediately
  • Targeted Exercises for Writing Your Skills and Accomplishments in Language Employers LOVE!
  • Resumés from Real Women Like YOU Who Transformed Their Resumés Into Confident Displays of Skills and Experience
  • Chronological Resumé Format - Why You Should Always Use It (Even If Your Career Has Gaps)
  • Comprehensive List of Work Categories and Resumé Action Words to Up Your Writing Confidence Right Away
  • Sample Work Story Template To Help You Start Writing Your Best Accomplishments

Why Your Current Resumé is Not Working for You

If you send out the same resumé over and over again with the same tired bullet points, profile or summary of qualifications, you have probably missed out on great new jobs because you didn’t know how to write about your skills and accomplishments in confident, assertive language.

Make the most of the five seconds your resumé gets from employers. With the proper elements in place, your resumé will easily stand out!

I know the value of your hard earned money and want to make my services affordable for you. Normally, my clients pay $600.00 a month for private customized resumé coaching with me. But I want to help as many women as I can like you exploring second careers.

That's why I created this self-paced, do it yourself program loaded with my best resumé tips to get you the best results possible, all with a very affordable price tag of $19.97!

I’m not sure how long I can offer this program at such a low cost so if you want to take advantage of this special offer, I encourage you to act now. This training is jam-packed with the resumé writing techniques my clients have used for years and will have you on your way to the new career you want in no time!

Start Building Your Resumé Confidence Today!