You’re driven and motivated but feeling insecure about where your career is going.

You have so much more potential but that new career you seek continues to elude you. You’re burnt out from a stressful job that takes up all your time and sucks the life out of you. You’re looking for a way out and on to something new but have no idea where to start. You’ve taken time off to raise your family and you’re not sure how to get back in the game. You’ve given your time to everyone in your life and now it’s time for you, your career, your way! You’re so ready to do the real work it takes to build the career you truly want!

As you make the exciting and scary career shift, I want you to know what I learned from my own personal struggles. It is essential for you as a woman to explore your needs, strengths and values as part of a balanced approach to your personal and professional development. You are the only one who knows deep down what that looks like for you and my job is to help you bring it to the surface so you can flourish in your new career! I'll be honest with you without judging and may call you on your bullshit sometimes. We may even get a little dirty and swear a little as we push through your issues, and that's ok!

I've been in your shoes and I know what it's like to want more.

I had a successful career in the public service yet I often felt something was missing. On the day of my 15 year work anniversary, I decided it was time for a big change and left it all behind!

Combining my background in human resources, teaching and career training, and my love for connecting with people on a personal level, I began career coaching working with ex-military transitioning to civilian work. I was successful but I wanted more.

I found my way to the work I truly love, helping women build their lives around careers that are meaningful to them, that they truly love! I work with non profit groups helping women. I run career training programs for women of all ages returning to work after a period of difficult life circumstances, surviving abusive relationships, starting over after divorce. I teach them how to explore new careers that suit their lifestyles and how to attract the right employers with their skills, confidence and assertiveness. The wonderful results I see with the women in my programs tells me this is the work I was meant to do!

At HER TIME™ Career Coaching, our programs are designed to address your unique needs as a woman moving into a new career, returning to work after having your children or breaking free from a boring, stressful or soul sucking job that does not make you happy.
Professional Bio
Picture of Denise Ryan

In her 20 year career, Denise has worked extensively in career coaching, recruitment, employee development, workplace training, literacy and adult education. She has an extensive knowledge of public service hiring practices and has successfully coached numerous clients through the complicated, competitive process. From entry-level to senior management jobs, Denise has written, edited, and enhanced hundreds of resumés and cover letters, helping over 90% of her clients land great new careers.

Denise is certified in Strategic Intervention Life Coaching which explores Human Needs Psychology and the belief that if a person's core needs are being met within their lives, they are able to move past many of their issues to build stronger relationships, happier lives and rewarding careers. Denise’s holistic approach to coaching sees solutions for her clients ‘snap into place’ as they learn how to meet their needs in healthy, productive ways.

Denise is a sought after trainer and has facilitated over 4000 hours of successful training sessions for large groups of federal public service employees ranging from front line staff to senior management. She has travelled extensively in Canada facilitating courses such as: client service excellence, career planning, resumé writing, interview coaching, emotional intelligence, dealing with difficult clients, gender issues in the workplace and harassment.

She has led career programs for non profit literacy groups helping adult learners achieve their learning and career goals and women’s groups dedicated to helping survivors of domestic abuse rebuild their lives and careers. Her programs have achieved great results for her clients in increased self-esteem, renewed confidence, improved concentration skills and the ability to create solid career plans for their futures.

Denise also supports students transitioning from high school to young adulthood in making informed life, education and career choices. Her successful workshop series ‘What’s Next After High School?’ combines aspects of life coaching and positive psychology and allows students to uncover their individual strengths, core needs and values as they move into this new life stage.


  • Masters of Science in Training/Human Resources Management
  • Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach
  • Certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator
  • Certified Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Practitioner

Instant Training

DIY Confident Resumé

This course offers a DIY-style video training with a workbook and exercises to keep you on track with the lessons. At the end of this training, you will know how to create a resumé that pops with confidence, quickly gets you past the five-second screening, straight to the interview and on to the job you really want!