Career Coaching For Second Career Women


You're a busy woman who has a deep need for something more fulfilling in your career. We're here to help you with:

You're not alone. Here are a few women who were exactly where you are today.

I was frustrated with my job search because I almost never got through to the interview stage. Denise provided excellent tips for reworking my resumé and cover letter for the job I was applying for. I not only got an interview, but I landed the job and I have Denise to thank for that. She is a delight to work with as she motivates and encourages you in the sometimes daunting job search. - Penny Cofield

I was having trouble getting control of my life. I had good goals and intentions but didn't know how to use my strengths to go after what I wanted and needed. I was feeling depressed and not taking action. Working with Denise allowed me to get lots of help, information and resources. I discovered my strengths which helped me land a new job. I am now dealing with my personal life in a more productive way. I feel more confident and secure with my choices. - Jessica Spoelder

Denise helped me get ‘unstuck’ from my problems and define where I needed to go next. My greatest challenge was my lack of self confidence. Denise gave me the boost I needed to move forward with my life and business with confidence and a positive attitude. She helped me feel excited and important as we worked through the issues holding me back. I highly recommend Denise to any woman who needs a coach who is kind, honest, no nonsense and will support you 110% in achieving your career goals. - Nancy Hanna

I had been without a purpose for over 3 years and it was taking its toll emotionally. Working with you changed my life in EVERY WAY! Within 2-3 conversations, we had a goal and a plan in place. Once you get set on the path you were meant to follow, the rest of life tends to fall right into place the way it was supposed to. Meeting you was definitely a god send. It took time, but I ended up getting the perfect job as a technical writer! I wouldn't have gone down this path without your guidance. You have a gift, Denise! - Amanda Linington

After 27+ years in the military, I left the only career I'd ever known. It was a difficult journey and the options were endless. Denise helped me narrow my options, helped me set clear goals and develop a strong career plan that works for me and my family. She coached me through several public service competitions and now I am about to become a public service employee, my number #1 goal! She always kept me focused on my goal.

Throughout the journey with Denise, I learned to recognize, appreciate and confidently market the abilities that I once undervalued or took for granted. She will help you uncover what you really want from your new career. Working with her is a huge commitment to yourself so be sure you are ready for it! - Michelle Card

Instant Training

DIY Confident Resumé

This course offers a DIY-style video training with a workbook and exercises to keep you on track with the lessons. At the end of this training, you will know how to create a resumé that pops with confidence, quickly gets you past the five-second screening, straight to the interview and on to the job you really want!