Return to New Work After Having Children


You're thinking of your return to work and you want something different.

You have some vague ideas for a new career but are feeling unsure of where to start or even what options you have. You're worried about how your time off may have affected your career. Feeling anxious about making a change, juggling child care, not knowing the value of your skills and a lack of confidence may be holding you back from starting on a new career path.

Identifying your skills and matching them to different careers is a good start. Caring for your children full time may have given you a new host of useful skills that you can transfer into the workplace. Presenting these new skills in the right way on resumés and in interviews will help you immensely in moving forward with your new career. Fitting your new family lifestyle into a new career takes a strong plan, one that works for you and your family.


It's time to go back to work but your priorities have changed and you're looking for something different to fit you and your family's lifestyle.

  • Set Your Ideal Return to Work Goals
  • Current Skills & Knowledge Check-Up
  • Take Your Parenting Skills to Work
  • Build Your Return To Work Confidence
  • Rediscover Your Career Strengths
  • Match Your Core Needs To Your New Career
  • Put Your New Career Plan Into Action

12 Week Intensive Course

$1597.00 + HST (One-on-One training only)


Instant Training

DIY Confident Resumé

This course offers a DIY-style video training with a workbook and exercises to keep you on track with the lessons. At the end of this training, you will know how to create a resumé that pops with confidence, quickly gets you past the five-second screening, straight to the interview and on to the job you really want!