What's Next After High School Career Series


As students prepare to transition from high school to post-secondary or into the general workforce, this new life stage is often an immense struggle.

They often have to leave behind their dependence on their parents, their teachers and their friends and move quickly to being independent and taking care of themselves. This is a huge traumatic shift for many of them. It can stop them cold from finding a clear focus towards their future careers. They are often confused by the endless maze of career resources and educational options available to them. To ease the transition and to minimize stress and anxiety, most students need direct, individual support that suits their unique needs to avoid getting 'stuck' and continue moving forward to the new stage in their lives.


Students will learn about their needs, strengths and values through a series of exercises and group discussions designed to help them feel confident about their post secondary and future career choices. They will begin to answer such key questions as:

  • What do I need to put in place to successfully leave high school?
  • What are my key strengths, values and core needs? How will they help me make the right choices for my adult life and career?
  • What do I care about? How does this determine the course of my life after high school?

Half Day Workshop

$997.00/workshop - #1 Nurture Your Needs, #2 Visualize Your Values, #3 Show Off Your Strengths

*These workshops can be conducted as stand alone sessions, however, they are most effective when presented as a complete self exploration package.


Instant Training

DIY Confident Resumé

This course offers a DIY-style video training with a workbook and exercises to keep you on track with the lessons. At the end of this training, you will know how to create a resumé that pops with confidence, quickly gets you past the five-second screening, straight to the interview and on to the job you really want!