Creating Your New Career Action Plan


You always knew where your career was headed but your priorities have shifted.

How do you handle a career shift to ensure you have the necessary skills and abilities to remain relevant in the work world and still find meaning and satisfaction in the new work you seek? Having a clear decisive plan of action is the starting point to your new career and will guide you to where your want to be. As we develop your plan together, you will learn how to create meaningful career goals and learning plans, seek out the right information about career options and opportunities and keep track of your progress along the way. We will explore what you really want, assess your skills, set clear goals, research your options and carefully plan the career strategy right for you!



    You'll create a plan that focuses you on new careers that truly interest you and, most importantly, suit YOU and your lifestyle!

    • Assessing Your Current Career State, Career Motivators and Satisfiers
    • Setting Your Ideal New Career Goals
    • Personal Goal Setting Template and Guide
    • Career Skills Inventory and Success Stories
    • Your Personal Career Strategy
    • Putting It All Together in Your Career Action Plan

    Four Week Course

    $597.00 (One-on-One) or $397.00 (groups of 12 maximum) + HST


      Instant Training

      DIY Confident Resumé

      This course offers a DIY-style video training with a workbook and exercises to keep you on track with the lessons. At the end of this training, you will know how to create a resumé that pops with confidence, quickly gets you past the five-second screening, straight to the interview and on to the job you really want!